AgMag™: The first magnesium chloride-based fertilizer for organic farming in North America

North America’s farmers have a new option that will strengthen their crops and help meet the demand for organic produce by today’s consumer with Innovative Surface Solutions’ AgMag™ – the first magnesium chloride-based fertilizer approved for organic farming in North America.

AgMag is a high performance magnesium chloride liquid that is approved for organic production as a crop fertilizer and soil amendment to help increase quality and yield in row crops. Magnesium chloride has been the subject of numerous trials that show its benefits a number of crops including corn, wheat and small grains, soybeans, and potatoes. It has been listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) in both Canada and the United States for use in certified organic production, food processing and handling according to the USDA National Organic Program Rule and Canadian Organic Standards.  

AgMag is the base material for Innovative’s family of value added agriculture blends, which include NutriMag™. The magnesium chloride used in AgMag™ also forms the base for Innovative’s broad line of de-icing, dust control and industrial products. 

June 23, 20015 - AgMag Press Release

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“The organic certification of AgMag will be great for organic farmers. I have seen year-over-year increases in both yield and quality by using AgMag on conventional crops. Now the same benefits can be experienced on organic farms.”
- John Van Heusen, operator of Sugar Creek Farm, Ossian, NY

“Innovative’s AgMag provides farmers with an organic option to strengthen their crops that is superior to traditional Epsom salts used by many organic farmers as a source of magnesium. This magnesium chloride solution gives organic farmers access to the same benefits of this fertilizer that have been available to non-organic farmers in North America for more than 20 years.”
- Ray McDonald, General Manager, Cangrow Crop Solutions