• Reduced application rates
  • Less “bounce & scatter”
  • Immediate brining (melting) action
  • Long lasting “residual” left on road surface
  • Less corrosion on spreaders & equipment
  • Free flowing stockpile / no clumping
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Works at lower temperatures

Upfront cost is approximately 1/3 more, but overall infrastructure costs less.

Same as state/provincial contract requirements for dry material.

Dependent on state/provincial contract & product being applied between 5 to 8 gallons or 18 to 30 litres / ton of salt.

You should consider our complete range of products. With the assistance of one of our Territory Managers you can determine the most appropriate liquid and/or solid to best suit your needs.

Application rates vary depending on the type of ice melter being used. Innovative’s environmentally safer products allow the user to put down less product per snow event, resulting in fewer chlorides being introduced into the environment while saving on fuel and labour costs.

Innovative boasts a wide range of de-icers that vary in effective melting temperatures from -8oC to -49oC, but caution must be exercised to avoid refreezing of the diluted solution. We strongly advise detailed consultation with one of our Territory Managers.

All de-icing products that contain chlorides can damage vegetation and concrete. With Innovative’s products the application rates are greatly reduced, resulting in less damaging chlorides being spread onto snow and ice covered surfaces. Also, damage from freeze and thaw cycles is a physical phenomenon and not a chemical one so using a product that prevents the frequency of this cycle would be recommended.

Innovative carries a wide range of products that consist of pure concentrations of liquid and solid magnesium and calcium chlorides to uniquely designed blended products to sodium chloride.

Innovative has several products where color is inherent or added for greater visibility preventing over application.

Magnesium chloride is hygroscopic. It wants to attract and retain moisture. This aids in the compaction of gravel and retention of fine particles.

Both are considered equal in terms of performance.

5 to 6 square feet at 1 inch depth. Anything deeper than 2 inches must be done in 2 inch lifts, making sure to leave a ¼ inch crown on top for compaction.

De-icer (sometimes written as deicer) is a product designed to melt through ice and snowpack and to break its bond with the road or walkway surface.

Anti-icing is the application of a chemical freezing point depressant to a pavement before or at the start of a winter event.

The chemical inhibits the formation of the snow/ice bond to the pavement. It can help prevent frost and/or black ice situations due to pavement dew point temperatures.