Asphalt Repair: ProPatch™ High Performance Asphalt Cold Patch

Innovative’s ProPatch® Cold Mix is a high performance asphalt patching material designed to repair potholes, street edges, utility cuts and large cracks. ProPatch is workable down to 14oF/-10oC for year round use and is a fast working asphalt cold patch solution that allows the area to be opened for traffic immediately.

Available in bulk or in 50lb / 22kg bags.

Asphalt Repair
ProPatch™ High Performance Asphalt Cold Patch

ProPatch® Cold Mix

ProPatch® Cold Mix is high performance patching material formulated using chip to 3/8" minus aggregate and high quality modified cutback asphalt. Designed for potholes, street edges, utility cuts, and large cracks, ProPatch® Cold Mix is an easy to apply, year round, permanent asphalt repair solution.

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