Bulk Treated Salt Information

An Ice Melting Game Changer

Organic Based Performance Enhanced liquids

Type 2 treated salt is rock salt that has been fully encapsulated with OBPE liquids. OBPE or Organic Based Performance Enhanced liquids are created to strict specifications and are comprised of a refined carbohydrate source blended with premium magnesium or calcium chloride and if required a colorant. These premium liquids are designed for instant melting results, reduced corrosion impact, working at lower temperatures, and offer lasting residual effectiveness.

type 2 treated salt

Why Purchase a Ready-Made Type 2 Treated Salt?

Created with premium OBPE de-icing liquids, type 2 treated salt is fully encapsulated so you can get the power of liquids without costly changes to your application equipment.

  • Primed for instant melting: Does not require sunlight or vehicle traffic to assist in the melting process.
  • Longer-lasting melting power: The additional solids in liquid coating mean that melting capacity remains effective as the product dilutes.
  • Reduce bounce and scatter: According to ASTM studies, 30% of traditional rock salt can scatter or blow off roadways. Treating salt with liquids makes it heavier, keeping it on the roadway where it is needed. Treating salt with a heavier hygroscopic* coating means that the product remains wet and activated.
  • Effective at colder temperatures: Remains effective in colder temperatures well below traditional salt, down to -15˚F/-26˚C.
  • Visible application: Allows you to see where the treated salt was applied to ensure proper coverage and avoid overapplication.
  • Free-flowing product: It is premixed for a precise and evenly blended product for operational ease and no lost time due to salt jamming and clumping in the spreader.
  • Corrosion resistance: Made with corrosion inhibitors to extend the life of your trucks, equipment, and hardware.
  • Environmentally friendlier solution: Less product is required, reducing the amount of chlorides entering the environment, resulting in less damage to infrastructure, vegetation, and waterway.

Treated salt is the fastest and easiest way to start your journey into winter liquids. You can use treated salt with your existing spreading equipment, no need to invest into costly new technology. With no change in application methods training your staff on using the product is a breeze.

We recommend logging and observing results in your geography and adjusting application rates as your experience with the product increases.

As always, before you start your new treated salt program, calibrate your equipment, you need to know how much you are putting down before you try to dial back your application rates.

Innovative Surface Solutions has the largest liquid distribution network in eastern Canada and the northeast U.S. for liquid de-icing and dust control products. Innovative's line of ProMelt liquids create 1.5 Million tons of treated salt per year.

For more information about treated salt options in your area, call us in the US at 800-257-5808 or in Canada at 800-387-5777, or contact your current salt supplier and inquire about their treated salt offerings.