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Asphalt Repair: ProPatch High Performance Asphalt Cold Patch

ProPatch® Cold Mix is high performance patching material formulated using 1/4 chip aggregate and high quality modified cutback asphalt. Designed for potholes, street edges, utility cuts, and large cracks, ProPatch® Cold Mix is an easy to apply, year round, permanent asphalt repair solution.

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Features and Benefits:

ProPatch® Cold Mix works in all weather conditions and no special equipment is required.

ProPatch® Cold Mix is designed to remain workable at sub-zero temperatures. As a high performance cold mix, ProPatch ® is designed to:

  • Bond securely with road surfaces.
  • Form a permanent surface that is instantly ready for traffic.
  • Remain pliable, workable, and compactable at air temperatures as low as 14° F/-10° C.
  • Remains in the pothole saving time and money compared to conventional cold mix.

General Properties and Guidelines:

Appearance Asphalt coated aggregate
Relative Density 2.5-2.75g/mL
Cohesion Index Min 60
Workability Flexible and Cohesive to 14° F/- 10° C

Based on the Ecotoxcity Hazard Classification Categories from the US Fish and Wildlife Ser vices, ProPatch ® Cold Mix has been tested and classified as relatively harmless to aquatic life, using the EPA 821-R-02-021 and WAF test methods (ASTM 2004,OECD, 2000) by “AquaTox Testing & Consulting Inc.”

Easy Application:

ProPatch ® Cold Mix is quick and easy to apply using our simple P.A.C. approach.

Sweep away any loose aggregate and debris from the area.

Fill the affected area with ProPatch® ColdMix.

Apply pressure using a hand tamp.

The repaired surface is open to traffic immediately and will remain flexible below the road surface to accommodate bridge deck or ground movement. Following the application, ProPatch ® Cold Mix becomes a permanent part of the roadway.

To get the best solution for your particular situation, please contact us.