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Dust Control Products

Innovative Surface Solutions specializes in the supply of both magnesium chloride and calcium chloride for dust control and soil stabilization.

Magnesium chloride and calcium chloride are highly cost-effective products for dust control on dirt roads, construction sites, as well as in cities and along motorways. Fine dust particles are vital to maintaining the surface of unpaved roads. If a road loses its fines, the surface becomes less firm and the road degenerates. The dust that is set free becomes a hazard to drivers' visibility and affects the health of road users and nearby residents. Furthermore the loose of fine particles have a detrimental effect on vehicles, resulting in associated maintenance costs.

When applied as a dust agent, ProGuard™ Magnesium and ProGuard™ CAL consolidate the road surface and provide a clean and smooth riding surface. A road surface that remains tightly bound and stable will require fewer maintenance and labour costs. Stabilizing the soil with magnesium chloride or calcium chloride will help to reduce health hazards and other inconveniences to road users and nearby residents.

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