The Environmental Effects of Ice Removal Products

September 2022

The Environmental Effects of Ice Removal Products

As more people consider the environment, they seek out products that are effective but also friendly to the Earth. The same can be said for ice removal solutions - companies are moving from traditional products to commercial liquid deicer, which not only has less impact but benefits too.

Today the most popular choice for beating ice is sodium chloride (rock salt). Rock salt does work in the right conditions, unfortunately, when the conditions aren't right and it stops working, people add more salt thinking that is what they need. The reality is, they need something different. The over-application of salt harms our infrastructure, waterways, and the flora and fauna.

Magnesium Chloride is Safer Than Salt For Commercial and Industrial Uses

Among de-icing products, rock salt is one of the most corrosive. This can be an issue for your commercial property, as it can degrade concrete, and kill vegetation resulting in costly building repairs and landscaping.

Luckily, there are other solutions containing liquid magnesium chloride that are less corrosive - and are effective in extreme temperatures down to -65°C. (The same cannot be said for rock salt, which stops melting ice at roughly -9°C .)

Liquid magnesium chloride solutions are not only safer around buildings and vegetation, but magnesium chloride is a naturally occurring product, and will not harm the ecosystem. Magnesium chloride plays an essential role in plant nutrition, which is why it is used as a liquid magnesium fertilizer!

More Benefits of Liquid Magnesium Chloride Beyond Environmental

With the amount of rock salt laid on commercial properties and roads each year (up to 20 million tons per winter season in Canada alone), it can cause collateral damage to infrastructure, waterways, as well as to flora and fauna.

Liquid de-icing solutions are becoming a more popular choice because you can use them for anti-icing (proactively applying a liquid product to the surface before a storm). Anti-icing is 6 times less expensive than top-down melting. Saving you dollars, and the environment.

Using liquid magnesium chloride to anti-ice will reduce your impact even more. You will reduce your corrosion impact, you can melt more with less product, and have clearer surfaces faster with longer-lasting results.

Learn more about the benefits of liquid magnesium chloride de-icers from Innovative Surface Solutions, as well as its Green Commitment to provide safe products that work.

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