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Literature + Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Proper use and application of our products is essential to obtain optimal results.   A complete library of informative product literature sheets detailing product features and benefits have been compiled for your convenience.

Innovative Surface Solutions maintains a database of material safety data sheets (MSDS) for every product imported, exported, produced or used by Innovative. MSDS’s are updated regularly and available to the public through this website or by request. MSDS Search

In accordance with OSHA requirements, MSDS accompany all Innovative Surface Solutions products. The data sheets provide comprehensive product information, including composition, use of personal protective equipment, instructions for safe handling and environmental and health information.



Material Safety Data Sheet

Winter Liquid & Enhanced Liquid De-icers
MeltDown ® E 22% concentration MeltDown_Literature MeltDown E 22 MSDS
MeltDown ® E 22% concentration with AP MeltDown_Literature MeltDown E 22 with AP MSDS
MeltDown ® 26% concentration MeltDown_Literature MeltDown 26 MSDS
MeltDown ® 26% concentration with AP MeltDown_Literature MeltDown 26 with AP MSDS
MeltDown ® 30% concentration MeltDown_Literature MeltDown 30 MSDS
MeltDown ® 30% concentratino with AP MeltDown_Literature MeltDown 30 with AP MSDS
Magic Minus Zero® Magic-0_Literature Magic Minus Zero MSDS
Caliber ® M1000 CALIBER M1000 Literature Caliber-M1000 MSDSCaliber-M1000 with AP MSDS 
 Caliber ® M2000  CALIBER M2000 Literature Caliber-M2000 MSDSCaliber-M2000 with AP MSDS 
White Lightning® 30 to 32% concentration   Calcium Chloride 30-32 MSDS
White Lightning® 30 to 32% concentration inhibited   Inhibited Calcium Chloride 30-32 MSDS
Winter Packaged & Bulk De-icers
Thawrox™ Thawrox_Literature Thawrox MSDS
Magic Salt® Magic Salt® Literature Magic Salt MSDS
ProMelt Ultra® ProMelt Ultra® Literature ProMelt Ultra MSDS
ProMelt Slicer™ ProMelt Slicer™ Literature ProMelt Slicer MSDS
Promelt Slicer Enhanced™ Promelt Slicer™ Enhanced Literature ProMelt Slicer Enhanced MSDS
Promelt Slicer Extreme™ Promelt Slicer™ Extreme Literature ProMelt Slicer Extreme MSDS
 MAG®  Magnesium Chloride Winter Literature Magnesium Chloride Flakes MSDS       Magnesium Chloride Pellets MSDS      
De-icing Salt   Deicing Salt MSDS
Summer Liquid Dust Control
RoadSaver® RoadSaver Literature RoadSaver MSDS
White Lightning® 35% Concentration   Calcium Chloride 35 MSDS
Asphalt Base Sealer Sealer Literature Asphalt Base Sealer MSDS
Summer Packaged & Bulk Dust Control
MAG® Magnesium Chloride Summer Literature Magnesium Chloride Flakes MSDS
All Year Packaged & Bulk
ProPatch® ProPatch® Literature ProPatch MSDS
Specialty Products
Nitrous 1-2-3 NITROUS 1-2-3 Literature  
Tank & Equipment Agreement Tank Rental Strategy