Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt Maintenance

Over time the elements (sun, heat, U/Vrays, cold, rain and snow) cause the asphalt to dry out resulting in loss in flexibility, leaving a fragile grey surface that is bound to crack and deteriorate very quickly unless it is protected. This is further exacerbated as the cracks filled with precipitation go through the freeze – thaw cycle with changing temperatures and resulting in further deterioration as the asphalt breaks away and leaves some very unsightly holes on the surface.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining road safety, Innovative introduced their premium pothole patching material in 1986 with the launch of ProPatch. This tried and true pothole patch material has stood the test of time and now is conveniently located at 14 stockpile and/or warehouse locations. ProPatch® is our permanent pothole patching repair for utility cuts, joint repairs, outer edge repairs, surface patches, broken pavement and large cracks. This fast working solution allows the area to be opened for traffic immediately.

In addition to pothole patching we offer our Asphalt Base Sealer which is a superior grade of asphalt cutback, ideally suited for both residential and industrial paved surfaces. Special oils help rejuvenate pavement surfaces eliminating the "checking" or "alligator cracking" associated with other types of sealers.

Specifically designed for the pavement contractor, Asphalt Base Sealer is not sold in retail stores. Innovative Surface Solutions' Asphalt Base Sealer is recommended for use on driveways, parking lots, runways or any type of pavement surface where a fresh new look or rejuvenation is required.

Pro Patch Asphalt Base Sealer  

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