Since 1986 Innovative Surface Solutions has been a leader in providing innovative road maintenance and safety solutions that go beyond the required regulations of the industry. Always setting new standards and surpassing expectations, we offer an extensive supply of liquid, packaged, and bulk products for all seasons.

The key to our success is our distribution network. Proximity to markets, strategically located tank farms, warehousing, stockpiles, as well as our access to unique products through our diverse supplier network is our true differentiator. Customers can count on us to keep them well supplied at all times, which is critical for unexpected changes in weather and road conditions.

Asked about our competitive advantage, Greg Baun, the company’s president, had this to say:
“Innovative Surface Solutions delivers an outstanding client experience based on sales, service, and our innovative solutions. We believe we have the largest infrastructure in the Northeast USA and Canada giving client’s confidence. We are truly “Ready when nature strikes!”

At Innovative Surface Solutions we pride ourselves on being unconventional and thinking outside the box when it comes to performance, efficiency and the environmental effects of our specialized products and applications. We pride ourselves in providing environmentally safer solutions through innovation.

In 1995 we were one of the first companies to introduce liquid technology products. During that time one of our engineers discovered the synergistic relationship of magnesium chloride and carbohydrates. This began the hard work to convince salt companies and salt users alike of the added benefits of using liquids in addition to straight salt or in combination with salt. Our breakthrough has since had a great impact not only on the environment, but on infrastructures and budgets as well.

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The largest distribution network in the Northeast