Dust Suppressant

Dust Control

Warm summer sun means dryer conditions and subsequent impairment to roadways, as well as various health risks associated with excessive dust emissions.

You can count on Innovative Surface Solutions’ dust control agents to virtually eliminate the nuisance of dust on roadways, service roads, parking lots, cart paths, walkways, horse arenas, construction sites & quarries, tennis courts and playgrounds.

Some of the issues you may be facing may include

  • Reducing dust related health risks that include allergic reactions, pneumonia and asthmatic attacks.
  • Improving visibility and road safety.
  • Providing cleaner air, cleaner vehicles and cleaner homes and promoting better health.
  • Improving crop productivity in agriculture.
  • Reducing vehicle maintenance costs by lowering the levels of dust that clog filters, bearings and machinery.
  • Reducing driver fatigue, maintenance on suspension systems and improving fuel economy.
  • Increasing cumulative effect - each new application builds on previous residuals reducing re-application rate while improving performance.

Liquid dust control agents are predominantly used by government agencies and professional contractors. They are designed to provide maximum dust control and road stabilization with reduced application rates.

Our professional series of dust control includes:

Liquid Dust Control

The natural hygroscopic nature of these pure liquids attract moisture from the air and resist evaporation, binding fine dust and aggregate particles together to keep surfaces stable and dust free.

Road Saver White Lightning  

Packaged Dry Dust Control

Conveniently packaged in easy to handle sizes these versatile dry dust control products provide you the flexibility to apply by hand or with various types of spreaders. Dry or diluted with water, it is quickly absorbed into the surface area making the treated areas open for service as soon as one hour after conditioning.


Please note that product formatting varies per market. Our knowledgeable staff will focus on determining the right fit for your specific requirements. Call today for your free consultation.