Agricultural Solutions
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Agricultural Solutions

Innovative’s Envir-O-Mag™ is a premium single source high purity magnesium chloride material that occurs naturally and requires no processing making it an excellent product for the agricultural market.

Magnesium is the key element in chlorophyll and plays a vital role in photosynthesis. It also aids in the utilization and mobility of phosphorus and iron and activates many plant enzymes that stimulate plant growth at the cellular level, allowing the plant to express its full genetic potential. The chloride helps move the magnesium into the plant membranes and improve the utilization of water. Chlorides are also proven to suppress the incidence of many types of fungus.

Innovative’s Envir-O-Mag™ is used in a number of products for the agricultural market which are distributed in Canada and the United States through CanGrow Crop Solutions.

CanGrow Crop Solutions produce formulations that deliver customized crop fertilizer advantages, so growers can address their specific needs and optimize crop yields. Their proven, comprehensive and easily implemented programs provide complete nutrient fertilizers that promote crop growth and achieve not only higher yielding seasons, but crops of superior quality.

CanGrow serves Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes, Alberta, Michigan, Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania. The team at CanGrow Crop Solutions provide industry leading expertise in helping you get the most out of your crop.

To get the best solution for your particular situation, please contact CanGrow CanGrow Crop Solutions.