Green Commitment

Green Commitment

Products and services erroneously labelled 'environmentally friendly' have resulted in nothing more than “green fatigue”. We believe that true environmental sustainability is linked to sound economic stewardship and is dependant on the following:

  • A product must actually work. All the green seals, labels and good intentions in the world will not compensate for a product that fails to perform.
  • A product or service must make financial sense. That doesn't necessarily mean it must be the cheapest game in town. Frequently, premium products are offered at a higher price but in turn deliver performance efficiencies greater than their cheaper conventional competitors. The total costs of ownership or use over the year in these cases is often far less costly.
  • A product must be used in accordance with manufacturer's guidelines. The old axiom of "a little is good - more must be better' certainly does not ring true. The over-use of any product exposes the environment to a greater load and stress. Over-use is quite simply environmentally inefficient, most likely detrimental and a complete waste of money.

At Innovative Surface Solutions, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products, all the while ensuring optimal safety. Every year we learn more and venture closer to our ideal environmental footprint while expanding the performance and range of our solutions. Our on-site lab technicians are committed to maintaining the highest quality control standards and developing innovative new products. Their research into eco-friendlier ways of dealing with the effects of weather on our roads and highways has resulted in ice melt, dust control and asphalt repair products formulations that release fewer chlorides into the environment. We've also developed and implemented modifiers to enhance the longevity of infrastructures and equipment.

Clear roads research for winter highway maintenance

We are proud to have a product line that includes products that meet the strict standard of Clear Roads QPL or Qualified Products List.

The mission of the Clear Roads QPL is to "strive to serve the traveling public by evaluating and establishing specifications for products used in winter maintenance that emphasize safety, environmental preservation, infrastructure protection, cost-effectiveness and performance".