Defining Cold Patch Asphalt

October 2022

Defining Cold Patch Asphalt

One of the biggest challenges during winter for commercial property owners is maintaining paved areas such as parking lots, access roads, and walkways. The harsh elements can cause ice to build up below the visible surface, leading to cracking and dreaded potholes.

Traditionally, hot mix asphalt has been used to repair paved surfaces. It is generally mixed beforehand, and needs to be kept at high temperatures in order to apply evenly to the damaged areas. That's where newer versions of cold patch asphalt repair are your friends. The process of applying this form of patching is considerably less tedious, and can even be less expensive down the road.

What is Cold Patch Asphalt Repair?

Cold patch asphalt repair products arrive as fully coated fine aggregate, ready to be applied without the need for special equipment.

However, there are many other qualities of cold patching to consider. For example, while hot mix is usually touted as the solution for long-term fixes, high-performance cold patch asphalt repair can also provide permanent pothole repair.

Because the product does not need to cool down before accommodating vehicle or foot traffic, it means less inconvenience. High-performance cold patch asphalt repair products can be ready for use immediately after being applied, which means you don't have to shut down roadways or walkways while it cures.

It's Not Only Useful During the Colder Seasons

  • Can be effectively used at temperatures as low as -10oC
  • Is deemed relatively harmless to aquatic life
  • Does not emit harmful emissions like hot mixes can
  • Can easily be targeted at potholes, cracks, utility cuts, and road edges
  • No special equipment required to compact the materia
  • Remains flexible under surface to allow movement
  • Can provide permanent pothole repair

It's Not Only Useful During the Colder Seasons

It's true that cold patch asphalt repair products are a convenient choice to repair your commercial or industrial properties during winter. However, don't let the name fool you – cold patch asphalt repair can be used any time of year, including summer.

Regardless of what time of year it is, cold patching is quick to apply, and quick to compact for safe use. While some asphalt repair products are meant as a temporary solution, some formulations have been shown to provide permanent pothole repair on roads and parking lots.

However, just like any type of product on the market, not all cold patch asphalt repair products are made the same. Make sure you're choosing asphalt repair products that are meant for long-term use, otherwise you'll be re-patching often, and spending more in the process!

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