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Magic-0 by ProMelt - Environmentally Friendly Liquid Deicer

Versatile effective winter liquid composed of a blend of magnesium chloride and feed grade molasses suitable for a variety of applications.

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Features and Benefits

ProMelt Magic-0 is a premium liquid de-icer that is economical and delivers superior performance in colder environments with a eutectic point of approximately -49°F.

  • Salt pretreated or pre-wetted with ProMelt Magic-0 works at lower temperatures than traditional dry salt.
  • ProMelt Magic-0 reduces bounce and scatter thereby reducing salt application rates which saves time, labor, fuel and materials.
  • Meets the stringent requirements of the PNS (Pacific Northwest Snowfighters) for corrosion, toxicity and performance.
  • Magic-0 can also be used as an enhancer to salt brines to reduce corrosion, lower freeze points and increase working time.
  • Strong residual effect provides lasting performance and reduces chloride brine runoff.

Comparative Effective Temperatures During Dilution

Comparative Effective Temperatures During Dilution

Metal Corrosion Tendency

De-Icing Fluid PNS
Relative Corrosion Rate
Distilled Water 0
Magic-0 by ProMelt 11.9
Magnesium Chloride 80
Rock Salt (NaCI) 100
Calcium Chloride 30% 121

Typical Product Application Rates

ProMelt Magic -0 is specifically designed for anti-icing, direct application de-icing, frost prevention and prewetting of solids. Typical liquid application guidelines are:

Application rates of 16 – 29 gallons per lane mile are typical. Up to 38 gallons per lane mile should be considered the maximum in any anti-icing situation.

Direct Liquid
Application De-Icing Application rates of 38 - 42 gallons per lane mile.

Frost Prevention
Application rates of 8 – 17 gallons per lane mile are standard. These rates can vary depending on storm conditions and service level goals.

Application rates of 5-15 gallons per ton of substrate, depending upon the solid used and the performance objective.


Disclaimer: Application rates are just guidelines. The end user is recommended to adjust application rates based on weather conditions, level of service goals and experience. The guidelines presented are made without guarantee, warranty or responsibility of any kind on our part.

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