ProMelt Enhanced - Pet Friendly Ice Melt

Professional Ice Melter, Professional Performance

ProMelt Enhanced - Pet Friendly Ice Melt

ProMelt Enhanced delivers superior ice melting results at temperatures as low as - 20oC. Treated with a high performance blend of magnesium chloride and an organic enhancer, it melts snow and ice fast.

Safer for Pets, Plants and People

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Features and Benefits

ProMelt Enhanced is specially formulated to melt snow and ice fast.

Sodium and Chloride Ion Reduction

Rock Salt ProMelt Enhanced
Application Rate 288 g/m2 57 to 76 g/m2
Chloride Ion Contribution 138.3 g/m2 34.6 to 46.10 g/m2
Sodium Ion Contribution 89.7 g/m2 22.4 to 29.9 g/m2

Product Application

When applying in general conditions, evenly sprinkle 1/4 to 1/ 3 cup of ProMelt Enhanced per square metre for driveways and walkways. Melting begins immediately and continues longer than many other alternative de-icers. Shovel off slush. Thick accumulations of ice may require additional applications. For best results, remove all loose snow and slush from driveways, steps and walkways before applying.