ProMelt Plus 10™ - Long Lasting Liquid De-icer

ProMelt Plus 10™ liquid superior de-icing

Superior de-icing liquid made from refined corn carbohydrate derivative combined with a premium blend of high-performance chlorides and corrosion inhibitor. Versatile liquid engineered for snow and ice control, delivering exceptional performance in colder environments.

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Features and Benefits

ProMelt Plus 10™ is a liquid de-icer that delivers results at the coldest temperatures. ProMelt Plus 10™ has an extremely low eutectic point of approximately -52oC.

Comparative Effective Temperatures During Dilution

Comparative Effective Temperatures During Dilution

Metal Corrosion Tendency

De-Icing Fluid QPL
Relative Corrosion Rate
Distilled Water 0
ProMelt Plus 10 34
Magnesium Chloride 80
Rock Salt (NaCI) 100
Calcium Chloride 30% 121

Typical Product Application Rates*

ProMelt Plus 10™ is specifically designed for anti-icing, direct application de-icing, frost prevention and pre-wetting of solids. Typical liquid application guidelines are:


Application rates of 40 - 70 litres per lane kilometre are typical. Up to 90 litres per lane kilometre should be considered the maximum in any anti-icing situation.

Direct Liquid Application De-Icing

Application rates of 90 - 100 litres per lane kilometre.

Frost Prevention

Application rates of 20 - 40 litres per lane kilometre are standard. These rates can vary depending on storm conditions and service level goals.


Application rates from 20-60 litres per ton of substrate, depending upon the solid used and the performance objective.

*Application rates are just guidelines. The end user is recommended to adjust application rates based on weather conditions, level of service goals and experience. The guidelines presented are made without guarantee, warranty or responsibility of any kind on our part.