Magic Salt by ProMelt - Quick Snow and Ice Melt Salt

Professional Ice Melt Salt, Professional Performance

Magic Salt by ProMelt - Quick Snow and Ice Melt

Magic Salt ® by ProMelt delivers superior ice melting results at temperatures as low as - 25oF. Treated with a high-performance blend of feed-grade molasses and magnesium chloride, it melts snow and ice fast with long-lasting results.

Safer for Pets, Plants and People

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Features and Benefits

Magic Salt® by ProMelt starts out as ordinary rock salt and is then treated with our Magic - 0® Liquid, turning it into high-performance ice melt salt.

Sodium and Chloride Ion Reduction

  Rock Salt Magic Salt Enhanced
Application Rate 8.04 oz. / Sq. Yard 2.01-2.68 oz. / Sq. Yard
Chloride Ion Contribution 4.88 oz. / Sq. Yard 1.22-1.63 oz. / Sq. Yard
Sodium Ion Contribution 3.16 oz. / Sq. Yard 0.79-1.05 oz. / Sq. Yard

Ice Melt Salt Application

For driveways and walkways, use 1/4 to 1/3 cup per square yard. Melting will begin immediately and continue longer than other regular rock salt products. Shovel off slush and re-apply if needed. For best results, remove all loose snow and slush from driveways, steps, and walkways. Spread a generous amount in the path of traction wheels to get out of slick parking areas.

For highway use, reduce conventional dry salt application rates by 20 - 40%.